Quick Summary of the Four Steps

of Cognitive Biobehavioral Self-Treated for OCD

Step 1: Relabel

Identify your deceptive brain messages and the uncomfortable sensations; call them what they really are



Step 2: Reframe

Change your perception of the importance of the destructive brain messages; say why these thoughts, urges and impulses keep bothering you: they are false brain messages (It’s not ME, it’s just my BRAIN!)



Step 3: Refocus

Direct your attention toward an activity or mental process that is wholesome and productive – even while the false and deceptive urges, thoughts,   



Step 4: Revalue

Clearly see the thoughts, urges and impulses for what they are, simply

sensations caused by deceptive brain messages that are not true and that have little to no value (they are something to dismiss, not focus on).



For more information on the Four Step Method,

watch the videos below with Dr. Jeffrew Schwartz



Videos on the Four Step Method and Mindfulness

You may find the following videos informative and helpful in understanding the Four Step Method and the principal of mindfulness.

Interview with Jeff Schwartz regarding his new book: You are not your brain.

Jeff Schwartz discusses the mind and the brain.

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