Warm Yourself With Winter Yoga

How about winter yoga to warm you up during the Vata season? A new year can mean a new you without the I extreme resolutions. why not "re-resolute" to be more moderate an take on the practice of acceptance and slow progression with fast effects on your way of being! Make a small weekly resolution to give yourself a break and sync your breathe with movement with a 90 min yoga class.All levels available as well as half off private sessions or consultations to place you in the right class and style of yoga. Our classes are limited in space maintaining the appeal of a private session at a public price. Giving each student more one on one attention where your not just another person filling a mat spot.

As nature ushers in the new year with its cold an winter days we take a quick break cozied up in warmer clothes and our minds coming out of the winter holidays. Before we know it Valentine's day is here to announce the coming of spring. This is the season of Vata (air/ether element) that characterizes the cold, arid, dry and fickle season. If you find your mind racing in circles and your anxiety has heightened to the point of affecting sleep, Relationships or work or school your simply echoing natures natural way of the cold and air like qualities that are quite airy and ether like according to the science of Ayurveda.So why not come for a quick yoga fix like your quick coffee or caffeine stops. Enjoy a week for 10 dollars and see for yourself if a cup of yoga pick me up is for you!Yoga not only provides physical strength and balance or the Jennifer Aniston body people seek. But it's THE practice of connecting with the breathe to bring balance within.See how within a one week trial you will become in tune with your breathe and posture giving you tools to get that after work pick me upper! Allowing your Vata nature to take a back seat!

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    Lisa B (Wednesday, 18 January 2012 10:42)

    Thanks, I think it's so important when classes are not overcrowded. I will make this part of my resolutions!

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    Rebecca Broder (Friday, 03 February 2017 01:07)

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    carolspencer (Tuesday, 24 September 2019 03:00)

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    ordering a dissertation abstract (Wednesday, 12 February 2020 02:17)

    Yoga allows you to block out the world, focus on your breath and poses, and feel as toasty as you would on a beach.

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